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Month: February 2019

As Critical as Healing and Cleansing Before Entering Another Relationship.

Love is life and a major aspect of life. When life happens and love dies prematurely it’s easy to switch from ‘love to hate’ especially if (s)he breaks your heart dramatically but did you realize the ‘hate’ earlier mentioned here…

Outdoor-Version of Sanitation

Cleaning and tidying have both indoor and outdoor versions (Pinterest) Cars, ditches, gardens … need to be cleaned and cleared so declutter your drainage, tend the flowers and keep your environment clean and safe. Items to be repaired are not…

Safeguarding Your Home with Sanitation and Hygiene.

Cleaning and tidying your home adds beauty, safety and aesthetics to same. (social media) In cleaning and tidying your homes you clean and move items and in the process insects – both harmless and poisonous are exposed and disposed. Harmless…

Bedtime Café (life of pleasure).

Intimacy has its fair share of pains and pleasure (Youtube) Life has two opposites in proximity to one another – day and night; light and darkness; pains and pleasure; God and the devil; positive and negative. Money can buy pleasure…

Consolation Prizes in Love (II)

Many intimates visit QSRs to enjoy fast foods and many also meet in the facility. (social media) Three Zambian men (a clique) were in a restaurant in Lusaka when a lady saunters in and 6 male eyes fell on her…

Consolation Prizes in Love.

Cars are necessity but some add luxury to the idea (Shutterstock.com) When we lose something we try to protect, better still gain something back to preserve our dignity, self-esteem and shut out negative energy from coming in to torment us…

Purple Couple Wardrobe

Life is good when love is sweet (selectastyle) We are couples. We are purple. We are olayemiogunojo.com Your weekend magazine.  

Security Agents and Elections Go Together.

Our elections demand security agents to contain crime and criminals (social media) Aside uniform, security agents use their weapons to recognize and distinguish one another and many times they recognize fake security personnel based on this. Some fake soldiers were…

PVC as Access to Polling Booth

Proud owners of PVCs (social media) At owambe ‘ankara lowo-iwole‘ (access) at polling booth PVC (Permanent Voters Card) lowo-iwole and if you don’t have yours forget voting altogether.

Picture for this Era (Vote Not Fight).

Choose your leaders with your fingers so vote don’t fight (G. Alheri/VOA) What Nigeria demands and truly deserves: Fingers NOT Cutlass. Bliss NOT Bile Peace NOT pieces. So please sheath your swords! We are olayemiogunojo.com    

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