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Month: February 2019

Unbudgeted Bills Coming From Dates and Ladies.

Female corps members in a restaurant (guardian.ng) People say if we’re yet to become rich the attitudes we express are alien to us and some also say what we won’t accept as a rich person we should reject while struggling….

Consolidating Our Structures and Legacy.

Nigerian electorates casting their votes (pulse.ng) We have a poor maintenance culture in Nigeria and it’s partly responsible for the state of our society. The administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan left a legacy and structure behind – platforms…

Ideal Age for People to Marry.

Couples range from those who marry in their late teens, early 20s, 30s and beyond (pinterest) The appropriate age to wed differs across cultures, societies, personalities and demographics so it’s a relative phenomenon. Age 30 for the groom; 28 for…

When Love Brings Diverse Africans Under One Roof.

Haiti Weds Nigeria (social media) Africans are Africans so regardless of nurture, nature counts and when events in the past separate them love sometimes bring them back as one. This is the case with this Haitian bride and Nigerian groom….

Weekend as Picnics.

Weekends are invites to intimate picnickers (Deposit Photos). Weekend is vacancy and the vacuum can be filled with family and intimacy. As intimates you can celebrate your Val. this weekend by having quality time outdoors or indoors. Remember Val is…

As Powerful and Impactful as Empathy.

Our tastes, likes are influenced by our internal and external environments (credit: nogreasebarberschool.com) It’s a world where many dress modestly, conversely it’s also a life filled with many (especially women) who dress provocatively. Now much as I like and idolize…

‘Respect or Insult at Sight’.

Brevity, modesty and dignity add to beauty. (Youtube) When women cover up either as an hijabite or other class of women in our society you’re sending some signals to the general public (especially men) now let’s access the clue, “I’m…

The Place of Warmth and Smiles at Weddings and Marriages.

‘Charming’ is the by-product of warmth which comes from self-love, gratitude and confidence. Brides are beautiful, and good brides are wonderful. ‘Being the bride of your wedding’ entails lots and lots of things of which smiles and warmth are central;…

Cool and Calm as Fragrance to Feelings.

Add grace to your poise; that’s charm to your pose (pinterest) Be in control by allowing God to have the remote control but be smart and diligent to learn from the instructions He’s showing you on your TV screen.

Selfie © Korede Bello (Feat. Korede Bello with Nigerian Students in Texas)

Nigerian musician Korede Bello observing selfie with Nigerian students at University of Houston, Texas (Instagram) Pictures are memories and memories are feelings. Add bliss to the feelings and extend love and joy. It’s weekend so let’s click our phones to…

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