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Perfection vs. Distinction (Hearing vs. Listening Context)

The motivation behind the call: ‘If he won’t drop his newspapers and pay me attention by looking into my eyes and listening to me, let me call my best friend so we can gossip’.
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‘Hear’ and ‘listen’ are two different phenomena, experiences: when someone is listening to you, he’s paying you full attention including eye contact. (S)he sourcing and processing your words full-time but hearing is expressed and experienced under divided attention!

Now as a woman don’t expect your hubby to drop his newspaper all the time you’ve got some gist to air. Accommodate his weakness after all there’s always another time to chat and chit-chat and if you’re detailed enough you’ll realize you do that too in dissimilar or even similar context. To the ‘Jemilahs’ of this world, ogadinma!

Remember perfection isn’t human but distinction is.


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