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Couples’ Court: the Akshay Kapoors (Zenia Replies her Hubby Akshay)

‘Bedroom’ is privacy and not matters of public domain

Simple I desire, deserve and demand privacy in my bedroom and to me home is privacy and hotel public!

Though hotel is ‘home away from home’ not all of them trully are and from my perspective I guess ‘public’ defines the facilities. Now let me start giving you the answers you crave.

To cover my nudes.

It’s good, good news if the public knew I slept and sleep with my hubby – baby bump gossips that anyway; but it’s disgusting seeing me sleeping with my hubby.

I undress and dress under the duvet because hotel is public and mischievous staff could hide camera and our pleasure and sessions could become their leisure and entertainment.

In addition to that they can use the material to milk us dry via threats of blackmails (me especially) Now if a pastor’s wife could mistakenly send her nudes to the wrong group on WhatsApp instead of her husband’s line and the images end up in public domain what do you expect of strangers, total strangers?

I’ve seen two or three cases on social media though I knew few hotels are guilty, will be guilty I still can’t come to terms and I don’t want to be part of the statistics.

Honestly I know many hotels are ‘home away from home,’ but the crime waves associated with these facilities make matters worse so the stereotype has turn to habit that even renowned therapists and counselors ‘Habib and his wife Habibat’ can’t uproot the seed from its habitat in my mind.

Thanks for your concern. I love you babe!


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