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TAM (That Awkward Moment: Sex Gone Wrong)

Extra-marital affair is open wound it bruises pride and self-esteem and sometimes breaks hearts and homes. (Shutterstock.com)

When sexual pleasure flood and flow through our system it’s pressure indirectly and many want to quickly mine and maximize the ecstatic feelings and that’s where the problem lies. The class of people we are highlighting here tonight range from singles to married, in other words we’re highlighting premarital and extramarital sex gone wrong!

The heat of passion makes many intimates in various sexual liaisons forget to do the needful which is ensuring and securing their privacy and sometimes they bear the consequences. ‘More haste less speed’ they say and when you fail to contain your haste it could lead to waste.

‘Hands down’ we all know but hey this is ‘pants down’ Many lovers had come face-to-face with embarrassment, shame, ignominy as a result of sex with the wrong person and at the wrong place and time.

Some were stripped to the buff and beaten black and blue and/or jeered at in public, some lovers (male or female) had lost their lives in the process ….

Venue – people have sex (premarital or extramarital) in diverse places sometimes unusual, abnormal or weird venues. Talk of uncompleted buildings, ATM facilities, ditches, footpath, bush, riverbank, gas stations, cemetery, movies, sick cars awaiting surgeries in mechanic workshops, market-stalls, riverbank, motor-park, hospital ward and many use the cover of darkness in open or public places.

One of our lecturers back in the day told us how she caught two students sleeping at our exam venue (CBT centre).

She probably forgot something and went back to pick and lo and behold she saw two students who had obviously connected some tools (joined some mutual and sensual body parts together) and were travelling to the mountaintop of sex when she saw them and the moment they saw her the ‘join join’ had to quickly disconnect and ‘stop stop’ follows.

Pleasure gone; pressure here: shame and pains – ‘sugarcane deteriorating to cane’.  TAM ….

We just finished exams at the venue not quite long o!

In many cases this class of people quickly cover their faces but not necessarily to be anonymous but to hide their shame. Pride nests on human faces you know and success opens its gate.

If a gateman catches his boss (employer) sleeping with his wife or daughter believe me status will change and boss will become boy and boy might turn boss.  And oga boss might begin to stutter, shiver, sweat, cry and beg and could even sign ‘mouth-watering contract’ just to stay safe and his dignity preserved to live to padlock his troublesome cane if he had the power.

Some legally married couples also find themselves in this shoes but that’s story for another day.

Sexual pleasure and passion make many lose their brakes and caution and go wild … The media is awash with diverse stories of lovers caught pants down.

A man involved in extramarital affairs with another man’s wife went as far as going to the man’s house to sleep with his wife … but the ‘owner’ of the woman trading her ‘matrimonial pleasure’ returned and caught the man pants down alas he cut off the man’s tool and reportedly said he would cook and eat it.

Those who escaped ‘unscathed’ – perhaps you had caught some lovers pants down maybe you were even the one caught in the act … some men had to scale the fence and escape with their boxers and leave their shirts and trousers behind – who will wait and search for his sneakers when cobra is after him?

In some cases when the ‘landlord’ maybe a family or someone else returns some men hide inside food-store and had an all-night party with rats, some hide inside bag of rice and narrowly escaped suffocation.

Stay safe. Be faithful to your partner.

Sweet dreams and lovely night’s rest.


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