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Exam Hall Drama: Enobong vs. Onome (Under Duress)

Students of Nile University, Abuja in the exam hall.

The lifespan of Enobong’s ballpoint pens depends on some factors and key amongst them is the volume of work (quality and quantity) the staff member (ink) in her factory (pen) is subjected to.

Sometimes her roommate could borrow and borrow another … and by the time the pen gets back to Enobong it’s already 100 years old!

At times it could be her classmate that she lent; she borrows as well especially if she couldn’t find hers. Some lecturers are bad paymasters and exhaust ink in no time but they are actually very good and release enough instructions in voice and print. “Don’t write. Listen first. You’ll write later!” they often say!

Nevertheless soft copies are gradually deleting and depleting ‘ink on paper technology’.

Enobong had one (half-used) pen but decided to leave at home and bought two ballpoint pens on her way to the exam hall … but lo and behold the two pens went on strike and Enobong begun to shake the pens (one at a time) to resuscitate them.

Dry bones lived in the Bible … but dry ink in Enobong’s case refused to breathe, and sweat begun to beep on Enobong’s brow. “I’ve got to borrow pen otherwise I’ll fail this exam,” the words streaming across her mind.

She signaled to her supervisors who interceded on her behalf but found none. They persisted and finally found one (who had two pens) but with a clause attached. The owner Onome voiced, “I will only release the pen to her on one condition which she knows about and if she accepts please give her!”

One of the supervisors asked Enobong if she got Onome’s point and she nodded in the affirmative. He went further to ask if she was ready to acquiesce and Enobong voiced “Yes sir!”

The exam was mincemeat for Enobong and when it ended she heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Fresh air ventilated Enobong’s head; refreshed and reset her brains and the alcohol in her system got tired and retired and so she went to meet Onome. “Thank you very much my sister. May God bless you real good and part of that blessing is that God will send you your own man in His own time!”

The words pushed Onome’s mind terribly hard and her heart suddenly skipped.

That was incredible and she didn’t believe her ears, so she asked Enobong to repeat her statement and the latter remixed her points, “I said God will bless you with your own ‘Richard’ just as he had blessed me with my teammate Richard Esin!”

“What did you just say? You can’t be serious … Esin … that’s a big sin! Before man and God!” Onome thundered and even the thunder simultaneously piped out loud right there in the sky! Rains gathering momentum. Pains travelling to and fro via hot words.

Their classmates quickly intervened and asked them what the matter was. Enobong answered first, “… You all know I met and knew Richard first and I introduced him to Onome but did you know that my best friend turned worst enemy snatched what rightfully belonged to me … I won’t leave him for her!”

Complete diagnosis –  Onome was asked to talk and she gave her own side of the story and the peacemakers following the path of peace came back to Enobong … and she said she said that statement (agreed to the terms and conditions) under duress!’

Under duress! Duress!

Photo credit: nileuniversity.edu.ng


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