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Psychology and Law (Under Duress)

Too much or little salt in sauce; too much or little sugar in cereal affect meals negatively but balance makes meal sumptuous. (image credit: Video Blocks)

Some people naturally stutter but those who don’t actually do when they are under stress; crime committed by mentally challenged people are treated differently under the law and all these and more points to the fact that the state of the human mind (psychology) is highly significant in law and law courts.

Balance is life and in the absence of same death could be the result and that’s why your body works tirelessly to maintain balance – blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature …. Imbalance in the PH (acid-base configuration) in the vagina could trigger infections.

Some members of some ethnic groups in Nigeria stereotype Yoruba meals as head-office of cooking oil in that they say we use too much oil in cooking. Someone even jokingly said we are the people preventing Nigeria from exporting vegetable oil. How funny!

If sex isn’t balanced between couples it could trigger extramarital affairs or outright divorce; if some chemicals in the brain move from normal to abnormal depression, psychosis¬† and the like could result.

Because the issue of balance is so weighty in life, love and in many disciplines of life – medicine, psychology … it is in Law as well and when you’re under duress it means your mind is not balanced and based on this fact ‘under duress is a clause in law and treated specially. Morally it scores big as well.

Information is power and if you have access to same it will help you immeasurably.

‘Under duress’ is highly significant!


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