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WAZOBIA Soft-Drinks Radio Advert

Chilled soft drinks sweat big; and sweat on their bodies means perfect for parched throats.

Who doesn’t love the’ WAZOBIA’ soft drink advert on radio?

Adverts sometimes differ on radio across states so a man was asking some boys the meaning of ‘WAZOBIA’ and one of the boys quickly stepped forward claiming he knew the term and rolled on “WA’ means come; ‘ZO’ means zoo where animals are kept and ‘BIA’ ‘that one sounds like Abia State’ ”

And he missed it like a ‘Mrs’. claiming she was a ‘miss’ so as to access a job meant exclusively for single ladies and ‘where are the single ladies .. all the single ladies’ and hello the woman gate-crashed but was caught in the end.

I label the behaviour of the boy in the advert initial gragra. The second respondent not only got it right but explained the term comprehensively.

WAZOBIA is a slogan sourced from the image on the #50:00 currency note and because the drinks (7up, Mountain Dew and Teem.) cost #50:00 each it’s labeled as such and the slogan is highly relatable to Naija.

Nice ad!

(Image credit: social media)


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