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The Magic and Beauty in Smiles (feat. Genevieve Nnaji).

Genuine smile © Genevieve Nnaji.

Smiles come in variety of forms and they are usually sultry yes what with the salt and sauce in them.

People usually do back-to-sender in many areas of life –

On the highway: when a motorist publish and parcel hot words to another most times the recipient does back-to-sender with hotter words …

When someone plant fire on his face you’re not likely to call fire-service but do back-to-sender with big frown on your face.

All these x-ray disaffection so let’s thrash.

We respond to good, gifts, goodness, love … smiles by reciprocating; now believe it or not @ image the smile pasted on Genevieve’s face will affect you one way or the other and no matter how minute it will impact you for minutes (1, 2, 10, 60 ….)

We instinctively cherish and desire beautiful things and smile is one of them!

Now ageless Genny tell me the secret of your teenage looks and youthfulness? Smiles on the journey? Tell me o!


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