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We are the Contents of Our Conversations.

Politics meets entertainment. Former US President Barack Obama with the Shawn Carters.

The contents of our conversations say a lot about our personalities, beliefs, dreams, aspirations, goals, fears …. An ideal woman is a conversationalist and because she talks better than a typical man she drops more words in a day than her male counterparts.

Now talking is a form of exercise and sure we burn calories doing same and because a typical Daniela talks more than an ideal Daniel it’s logical to say an ideal woman burns more calories via her vocal cord than an ideal man.

The contents of our conversations depend on many variables – gender, context, nationality, age category, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, political inclinations, our neighbour (in discourse) at that material time ….

Fashion, beauty and entertainment. Two female undergraduates of a university in California could gossip Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj but their female counterparts in Ghana could discuss movie stars Yvonne Okoro, Mercy Johnson and Juliet Ibrahim – so what do these three have in common?

A typical man may not be quick to answer this but many ladies do because the issue revolves around their interest. Now it doesn’t mean those discussing Yvonne Okoro, et al can’t or won’t discuss Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and so on.

Sports. Segun and Shenge: polytechnic undergraduates may dissect Neymar and Kylian Mbappe; Kun Aguero, Mohammed Salah and Harry Kane. They might analyze why Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid infamously dropped out of Champions League in the second round, and generate argument and heat up the environment … it’s very unusual for these ace teams to drop at this juncture of the tournament and each could be diagnosing the factors responsible and then arguments and counter-argument, claims and counter-claims could roar and rule.

Now Segun is not likely to discuss this same topic with his grand-ma but could discuss his studies, dreams and desires … with her and his grandma could instruct him on love and marriage … the behaviours of women in love ….

When boyz gather they talk about sports, entertainers and entertainment, politics, wealth and luxury, love and their exploits in bed, games women play ….

A man may not discuss politics with his wife to the level of argument but he could with his best friend; the same man may not discuss sex and his intimate preferences in bed, family planning, contraceptives … in details with his friend but he could with his wife ….

Chief Onilenla (a businessman, landlord but very atypical –  indifferent about football, apolitical, not religious) may not interact much with his tenant Mr. Onipetesi (who breathes football, sleep politics and very religious) but may discuss with him issues around their meeting point – rent, sanitation, security ….

Rotimi is fund of singing Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi’s song once he sees his colleague Tade – a gossip par excellence discussing with another colleague in hush tone.

He often breaks their conversation with this pirated lyrics “Eyin ten soro wa leyin o edumare dari ji won o ….

Iya Bidemi sells pepper and tomato in Mushin market and she’s gifted in taunting her colleagues with this legendary lyrics “E wo ni dodo oni moin-moin oni dodo oni moin-moin ni gba ti kota to gbegba kale ewa woja ni Lafiaji ….”


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