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Sexual Harassment in Our Local Markets.

 Yaba Market, Lagos Nigeria.

Weekend is vacancy, break, spare time but nature abhors vacuum so something or some things usually fill the void – events, picnic – beach, movies, entertainment and shopping.

Many working class, students et al visit the markets on weekends to buy clothes and/or groceries and this usually expand the volume of our markets.

Human traffic means loads of people crowded in a tiny space and that’s fertile ground, perfect opportunity for some people (men especially) to harass women.

Tap and varnish. Male hands are typically responsible for these acts and the owners of such hands use the crowd as cover to tap, grab or press women’s breasts or butt.

The perpetrators of these shameful acts do it any time the opportunity (crowd, dark) presents itself and not only on weekends and periods of festive occasions.

Some men are experienced in this inglorious trade and express same with crass impunity. A man grabs the breast of an unsuspecting lady in the market and also adds insults to her injuries with,”You look young but you feel ‘after five,’ meaning – you look single but your breast gossips you as married and mother of five children.

Some ladies lick their wounds and walk away pretending nothing happened but feel terribly bad, horribly bitter and suffer self-pity. But what stings most is the feeling of helplessness and shame and these pierce their hearts and hurt deep. Some women retaliate with hot slaps, curses and insults but all these are insufficient.

Interestingly this class of men are the ones that follow their daughters, nieces … to school to go fight their teachers if the latter insult their female significant others.

One thing is, this class of people are aggressive, crude and rude.

Aggression is aggression whether it’s expressed in unethical and unlawful touching or shouting!

Photo credit: Idowu Ogunleye.



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