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Symptoms and Instructions as Clue, Key to Solutions to Diverse Issues.

Life is full to the brim with many challenges.

Patients dissect and divulge symptoms of their conditions to their healthcare givers and symptoms are instructions and ideas of the culprit(s) and medical tests confirm or reject same ….

Missing wristwatch means thief and theft and to arrest the suspect(s) security agents carry out investigation from available information. Instructions there.

Now if you understood the behaviours of something you might put the instructions to good use. Many criminals who loved women were captured using women as bait … but at times knowing the behaviours of something doesn’t amount to full understanding but in knowing how and why (instructions) it happens you’d taken the first step in the right direction toward solving the problem(s)

Burst (deflate) car tyres many times mean the car might fly in the air (somersault) but why? When birds want to fly they bend down first; when some football players net on the pitch they swell (inflate) and somersault to jubilate …..

Now is it possible for car tyres to burst without flying? Better still is it possible for tyres not to burst at all? I know about tyres because cars are everywhere and driving isn’t alien to me but plane is relatively far and I’m not a pilot. So?

Our scope, horizon can’t go beyond the limit of our information, instructions, insight, skills and experience and that’s why I don’t write about UK weather because I’ve not lived in the UK; I don’t write about Bundesliga and La liga games because I hardly watch and they say you can’t give what you don’t have and by extension experience is the best teacher.

Now why are so many diseases incurable and injuries unsolvable?

I read an article two nights ago –  two women with transplanted uterus (womb) gave birth and that article was published two years ago.

Each field has its researchers and researchers in diverse fields are constantly working trying to find solutions to problems confronting humanity and our community? Incurable diseases are defying cure because they keep dribbling researchers but researchers are also mapping out ways and strategizing to nip them in the bud ….

Yahoo messenger precedes many of the social media brands we patronize today … process and progress lead to success and we see that in our various smart phones. ‘XT 5; XT 7 ….’

Solutions matter but I doubt if you can access ongoing researches and customized research on Google, but contacts and exposure birth creativity, innovations, solutions and inventions!

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