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Behavioural Response of Women to Wooing on the Field.

This South-African couple indirectly, subtly recreated ‘first meeting and subsequent wooing’ in their pre-wedding pix. (pinterest)

Lyricist Adam the lover-boy meets Eve in the garden of Eden and raps, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh ….”

Fast-forward to our time

Now some women simply play mute in other words they padlock their mouths so much so that not a single letter drops from their mouths and this attitude not only embarrasses an ideal man it also puts him in an awkward position.

Some ladies do better than the above class but their ‘better’ is more or less a glorified mute. Yes they answer you in monosyllables – yes, no, yeah, oh, ah ….’ and at the end of the day the man goes home with ‘alas’ for he didn’t get to know the lady let alone have her contacts.

Some women give out fake names and mobile contacts or their old contacts that had obviously expired and the poor man ends up calling a long-dead line worse still the wrong persons. This could lead to misunderstanding between the caller and the called not to talk of airtime which ends up in the electric chair. Ah, women!

Some ladies suddenly mutate and mimic snail – lame and heavily-pregnant snail and begin to crawl like crawling is first and last achievements in life.

Those initially catwalking may dramatically grab and garb brisk-walking like they’ve got appointment with billionaire commodity merchant Aliko Dangote and brisk-walking will make him credit their accounts with (#50m).

The ‘Risis’ of this world. They release their names, workplaces, schools or departments but will selfishly hold on to their mobile contacts and these ones are simply telling you ‘use your initiative’. In other words come locate me and overtime I might give you what you desire if you demand and truly deserve it.

‘Mrs. Sisi Class’. They belong to the league of ‘single and searching’ yet claim to be married.

Some go further after initially saying they are married. “I forgot my wedding ring at home.”

Another class, “I fractured sorry I dislocated … hmmm fractured my finger and had to put wearing my ring on hold.”

Yet another. “Did you believe I was robbed and ever since thieves stole my ring I’ve not got another … please thank God for me that they didn’t cut my finger to get to my ring!”

A man wants to buy a fast car and there she was telling him camel story!

Insult on injury response. “I just got engaged,” and she could flash you her diamond-encrusted ring and then flash you her satirical and sarcastic smile.

Need I say she sourced the ring to silence noise from friends and family disturbing her that her boyfriend ought to have proposed to her.

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