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Men vs. Women (Cupid Warfare)

Made n the country pre-wedding pix (social media)

Pros vs. cons. When a man meets a woman for the first time and he likes her he might consider why he needs to approach her and if the factors therein outweigh why he shouldn’t he will likely approach her.

Many times a man feels if he doesn’t come out of his cocoon and open up he might never meet her again and this singular fact many times motivates men to walk up to women.

Every man knows that he could win or lose but many also nurse the fear of rejection but a man who doesn’t want to take risks may never learn something new or meet someone new let alone make headway in life. Life is a risk so is love and if you are not ready to embark on a trip for love you may not meet your love.

Women express diverse behavours when men approach them and many times the manner of approach says if the man will have additional contact on his phone or not. An ideal woman will be happy to give out her mobile contact to a man but how he goes about the request matters a lot.

If you’re smartly (not necessarily expensive) dressed, confident and eclectic in approach you might win her mobile contact – directly or indirectly. But winning her mobile contact is something and winning the heart of the owner of that contact is another.

Where we are going today however is the behaviours of women when men want to toast (woo) them for the first time. Note however that not all men who approached you for the first time to meet you wants to date you.

Marriage is ‘I do,’ and the ‘I do’ is a word but the woman that will eventually say that must have released some words at her first meeting and contact with the man she likes. When words are sent out a man meets and knows a woman, have her contacts and vice-versa.


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