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Facts and Figures From our Faces

Love and adoration on full display (social media pix)

The human face is a storehouse – emotions are showcased and many other things are displayed which makes it a biological billboard. It features many pictures of us – eyes, brow, eye lashes, nose, cheeks, mouth, teeth and the like.

Lies could crawl out, truth could scream … the statement ‘look me in the eye …’ isn’t mere utterances, our faces many times reveal our age or age category, social status, personality, and gender most times.

“That man should be in his 40s ….” the speaker is highlighting the age category of the person he had seen. If the face is accessorized with some fabrics, fashion or beauty items it could gossip our beliefs, solidarity, religion or even race.

Our faces could highlight love or the reverse, feelings of pleasure or disgust, trust, faith, assurance name it.

The face of the young Nigerian school girl who went viral and enjoying wide support, thanks to school fees palaver is voice to the voiceless.

The Face of …’ isn’t a contraption in governance and corporate world – beauty (cosmetics industry), beauty pageantry and branding.


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