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Women as Centre of our Homes and Influence in our Society.

The attire is good and cool on the queen (pinterest)

A man’s voice has muscles underground but a woman’s voice is anchored on music which means it’s calm. Women endorse and support pink and interestingly pink is soft and calm. Nature wired women to be ‘domestic’ and men ‘wild,’ and that’s why they are instinctively comely, homely. Every man and woman was once a baby in the hands of a woman and no one was born evil!

Now male and female are not similar just as a football striker is dissimilar to a defender. Harry Kane of Spurs isn’t Jan Bert Lieve Vertonghen and comparing them is out place because the duty of Harry Kane is to net while Vertonghen defends – stops his opponents from netting. Which means they are dissimilar.

Interestingly they are also similar because they are football players and Harry Kane can defend, in fact he does in some special cases and Vertonghen can net in some cases as well, and in the light of this they are similar. But more importantly they work together to realize their dreams and achieve their goals and this means they complement and complete each other.

That’s exactly how men and women are!

I support women to go to school, source skills, pursue their dreams via business or career that’s why God gave them brains in the first place – men make First Class in college; women do too!

However we need women in our various homes to stabilize our society and so the workplace setting should make special provision for women. Maternity leave is one of them.

Now maternity leave is basically women because it’s exclusively for women and it highlights one of the differences between male and female gender and I won’t expect any man to go on industrial action or carry placards to demand paternity leave. Yes some might begin to nurse and nurture the idea because of the movement – equality.

A woman with baby to nurse should focus on her baby not work. Giving women maternity leave is equity and men shouldn’t demand same in the name of equality!

If the Government of a clime or jurisdiction grants them, awesome but for men to start fighting for paternity leave is quite unusual, though men need to fully support their wives at this phase of their marriage.

So what am I saying women shouldn’t compete with men in the workplace to the detriment of their nest (home) because they have delicate and crucial responsibilities at home and men shouldn’t demand for the rights of women at the workplace.

Women are the centre of our homes and when they are no longer available things will fall apart.

Schools expose all (male and female) to character and learning and so educated women ideally should have formal and informal instructions to instil discipline, humanity, fear of God into their children. But if they are no longer available the vacancy will be filled by something or someone else and negative indoctrination might manufacture evil-minded children who will become nuisance to their society at adulthood sometimes at adolescence or even at childhood. There comes a time that their children will be mature and so women will have more time to pursue their dreams with better, deeper passion.

The mind of a child is tabula rasa (blank slate/empty land) and the fact that they are highly impressionable at this stage, they can be influenced and conscripted into evil groups. Now if a child lacks proper attention, affection there’s tendency that hate, aggression might take root and he might likely be influenced.

He’ll see what he wants to see and transfer aggression to a target group in particular or people in general.

Happy Sunday to you all!


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