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Your Goals for the New Week.

World-class football manager and Man City boss Pep Guardiola (credit: Barrington Coombs/Getty Images)

A brand new week is here, what do you wish or hope to achieve? What did you plan to achieve?

If the former is in the latter you’re right on point but if your wishing lacks the merit of working it could mean mere fantasy but if you’re breathing, bathing and living your dreams the reality of success could just be a ‘mile or minute’ away.

Keep it real. Be real. Achievers dream but not in their sleep.

Diligence meets providence is like wings meet wind. Both are sacrosanct.

Don’t shortchange yourself so be the very best you can be and have a successful week.



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I won't bore you or box myself by defining who I'm, what I'm or where I'm headed. I AM OLAYEMI JOSEPH OGUNOJO, a Nigerian and World Citizen and a student of the 'University of Life.' If you impart knowledge into every Tayo, Tanko and Tagbo you meet, they will impact every Tom, Dick and Harry they confluence.
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