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Age-Long Loyalty to Brands.

A-list actress Nadia Buhari with mum

Some brands are peculiar to some families and are patronized from generation-to-generation and status quo hardly change. The baby diapers your mum used on you, you might use on your children because of the trust and confidence you repose on your biological mum, and besides she used same on you and you turned out a success.

You subconsciously feel why should you question history and upset, upstage family tradition that has been tested and trusted, and so you join the bandwagon. Family influence there.

Kafayat’s mum used ‘BS Baby Diapers’ on her and when Kafayat became a first-time mum, her mum became her PA in fact ‘nursing mum’ Emeritus and as her protégé Kafayat followed her mum’s instructions to the letter. Gba fun oga e –  obey your boss!

She endorsed and subscribed to the diapers she recommended; she followed the manner she said babies should be bathed to the letter, and so on.

Many brands in the world today are enjoying generational loyalty and familial referrals but they are not resting on their oars because if they can connect and convince a prospective client (lady in this context) she’s a potential matriarch and she will sell her taste to members of her family and the feelings and patronage move from generation-to-generation.

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