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Making African Soils Fertile for Foreign Investments.

Foreign investments mean j-o-b-s which is cure to joblessness and antidote to poverty and illiteracy. (image credit: rt.com)

Foreign investors won’t come here if they feel they won’t make profits, worse still if they feel their resources are not safe, no thanks to fraudsters, insurgents and unrest.

We all do business to make profits, after all it’s not a NPO or charity organization. A typical investor feels if people can be defrauded in their homeland what will happen if he comes to invest in Africa? Though many took the risks and that was their breakthrough in life. Many times things are not as bad as we feel and until we take that step of faith we may never know the difference let alone see the numerous opportunities, possibilities.

We may have fraudsters but they are relatively few when compared to the rest of us and aside this security agents are curtailing the crime and criminals. Now if it’s lack of jobs that pushed them into Internet crime as some of them claim then foreign investments will cater for their needs via jobs.

Youths are the fraudsters, they are the insurgents but thank God things had improved and improving and God willing it will get better; security agents are not sleeping either.

Youths et al travel abroad for greener pastures but foreign investors can sow the pastures here – we have the resources – natural and manpower skills in form of youthful population.

The system is responsible for poverty, illiteracy yes but youths are making it worse; now if it’s only epileptic power supply foreign investor will face when they come they could solve it in no time but too many issues to combat is huge frustration.

Now as a Nigerian youth minus your input from that frustration and automatically it adds to the good.

Jobs will solve many issues; many jobs will solve more issues in Nigeria and Africa. Our leaders are wooing them winning them is our lot as youths.

In rounding off, if the system or your society failed you DON’T be a failure! Insurgents and fraudsters are.

Remember there are many driving smart cars all over town and living in mansions but they are failures because the sweat of someone, maybe blood and soul of someone went down before those things came up … but they can retrace their path back to the lane of success, the place of God and undiluted peace.

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