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Our Good News, Their Effect on Us and Others.

Good news is sudden fuel and passion to our system (image credit: reddit.com)

When you receive good news you are instantly filled with balloon of joy and excitement and then the instinct to extend the good news to someone calls your mind. Now out of the many people in your circle that you can call, one name, person stands out?

Who’s that person to you? A family member? Your intimate partner? A Platonic friend? Who?

Whoever it was you called, that person holds an important place in your heart and life, believe me!

You know the person and the person obviously knows you and you know for sure that your good news is joy unspeakable to that person otherwise you won’t have shared such with the person in the first place.

In some cases it may not be family or friend but someone working on the project or task on your behalf and informing such is saying “Thank you for your love, and sacrifice”.

Aside this and other situations related to this if you’re married the first person to share the good news with should be your spouse, if you’re single your parents – at least one of them first!

In some cases (though unmarried) some people inform their intimate partners first.

Now if you’re not dating or in love … yet you picked your phone and call someone, note the person very well … you may not be dating and you may not think of dating such but believe me the person holds an unrivaled place in your life.

In some special casesĀ  it’s a man or woman close to us (colleague, congregant, neighbour, classmate …) that we don’t feel attached to romantically but has always been there, always available for us come rain or shine. More like someone we use his phone, maybe source airtime from to call our intimate partner or someone we admire ….

Now there’s also someone (colleague, friend, classmate, family …) you don’t want to share your good news with but not because you just chose to but because you know how the person and his or her personality.

Who’s that person? Who’s (s)he to you? Interestingly this person could be a true friend, real foe or enemy such could even be a member of your immediate or extended family and some times a member of your polygamous family and so on.

Now if the person you share your good news with is the wrong person it’s like sending weapons to an enemy to attack you with, but if the person you withhold your good news from is harmless or indifferent about you no big deal.

Now in some special cases the person you don’t share your good news with could be good and the person you share it with could be bad and evil and could even be the one that blackmailed the innocent person and made you see such as evil, whereas the one calling the other person evil is the devil’s messenger and you end up feeding the wrong person with your good news.

How ironic!

Sometimes we’re ignorant and arrogant in our ignorance but God is always our insurance, sure, certain and permanent insurance and what an assurance!



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