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Shogo Eleyele the PA of Birds (II)

Bird watching in the woods is fun (Masterfile)

Can you recollect my character, Shogo Eleyele in the story ‘Shogo Eleyele the PA of Birds’?

Shogo’s grandma Iya Yetunde (iya) had told him that the droppings of birds on someone’s head was like goldmine, and years later someone else corroborated the statement, so Shogo felt if two people at two different times and places believed in the same thing it could be true.

“For two people to believe in this story then it could be true, in fact I believe it’s true. One is a senior citizen, female and semi-literate; the other middle-aged, male, educated, highly educated most likely. I’ll try my luck, mole jelo!” That was the information that passed through the highway of Shogo’s mind and pushed him into seeking anointing for money-making.

So he decided to receive anointing for financial breakthrough from the droppings of birds but birds don’t drop their wastes on someone in his home or office or school so Shogo decided to set out to harness the wastes of birds.

Droppings, oh dirty, smelly but because it’s the shortcut to abundant and sure wealth, Shogo decided to embark on this tortuous journey but not like a tortoise but cheetah to quickly receive anointing from the wastes of birds and then join the league of billionaires.

Shogo became a job applicant in the corporation owned by birds and he later got employed and was carrying the files of birds in the woods, streets and so on.

Back to where I left off the last term:

One day Shogo found one bird which probably had running stomach (possibly because it overate at their own owambe: events) and was selflessly donating anointing oil but will it bless Shogo with some or selfishly withhold? Time will tell.

Shogo followed this particular bird from the field to town, sometimes running just to be in proximity. He later saw his aunt who called after him and he went to see her in backward movement his eyes fixed on the bird and he was walking toward his aunt in unusual direction in order to keep his eyes and focus on the bird.

The woman was surprised and scared for she felt her nephew had joined a secret organization better still was doing money rituals ….

“Shogo what are you doing there? And why are you walking with your back turned towards me?” his aunt asked, her heart already jogging, her mind in fear fear mode.

“Mummy I’m trying to research birds and their droppings … I heard they said researchers in the US are paying handsomely for a comprehensive research on birds ….”

His aunt couldn’t look into his eyes for he was backing her and so she stared at his temple in an attempt to send her eyes into his. She coughed out loud and as she was about to push out some words from her mind Shogo took off at a canter. The bird behaved like it was about to drop some wastes and so Shogo having mastered their behaviours ran to receive his blessings.

And yes the bird began to add manure to the ground. It was about to stop and so Shogo jumped raising his head high to receive the special anointing. But alas the bird missed ‘its target’ and Shogo missed, hissed for the wastes entered his mouth and 0.5% gatecrashed into his tummy and he spits out the remaining 99.5% and kept on spitting and spitting maybe he’s even spitting beside you right now. LOL

He curse the bird. He accused his aunt and finally blamed himself. Should we label him a hustler?

At this juncture Shogo’s cousins (his aunt’s children) emerged and Shogo’s aunt quickly instructed them to capture her nephew (Shogo) tie him and carry him to the bus stop to be shipped to Neuro-psychiatry Hospital Aro, Abeokuta.

No plea. No explanation. No epistle. No idea. from Shogo could convinced his aunt and captors that he was sane so he couldn’t change their minds.

Shogo landed in Aro, Abeokuta. He’s most likely to spend 6 years there!

6 hours later he was released but not before the specialists at the facility had had a long discussion with Shogo and his aunt.

And Shogo bagged many titles ‘Nairanaire, Eyeyale, Eyeshogo, Eyeshola, Eye, Asa Adaba ….’  but of all these ‘Nairanaire’ stood the test of time even till date.

If you had gone looking for him in school don’t make the mistake of asking for Shogo otherwise you will never see him but say Nairanaire in his hostel, department or faculty and thunderous shouts and cries will greet you and you’ll surely find him. And that’s applicable to his office and neighbourhood.

He made First Class in Petroleum Engineering and a staff of a leading oil&gas multinational.

His wife sometimes says “You’re not a Nairanaire but kobonaire!” at times she calls him ‘kobonaire’ but most times it’s Nairanaire.

If someone teases and taunts the other and they both enjoy same it’s not booing or bullying so Shogo’s wife wasn’t bullying him in fact both of them were experts at teasing each other.

Mole jelo‘ means I may succeed.

You know us. Yes we are olayemiogunojo.com


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