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Roles of Religious Leaders in Sowing Seeds of Peace and Unity in the Society.

Islamic clerics, scholars have huge roles to play in sowing peace, love and unity in Nigeria. (social media pix)

We have three forms of leaders/leadership – political, religious and business, and every society needs all these leaders for prosperity and posterity.

Today  we focus on religious leaders of which many in this class believe they are voiceless and less influential in the society which is erroneous Рthey have got enormous tasks on their hands.

As an Imam let your congregants know that God is love and peace and anyone who believes in these two phenomena and fail to practice is inviting the wrath of God into his life and family.

We need peace to trust one another and we need trust to give peace a chance.

Regardless of our religious differences we come from one entity and we are accountable to God, the author and giver of life! Preach, teach, tutor Fulani herdsmen, farmers. The wealthy farmers behind-the-scene but own many of these cows have significant roles to play.

Religious leaders across Nigeria need to focus more on these two phenomena (peace and love) the way brides and grooms focus on their weddings same way fresh graduates passionately focus on jobs and openings.

Religious leaders, clerics, scholars and even parents have critical and crucial assignments on their hands especially in Zamfara, Kaduna, Benue, Borno, Plateau, Nasarawa and Yobe States.

Government alone can’t do it, same way we all know and say one hand can’t lift a heavy luggage and place perfectly on the head.

Many business leaders are philanthropists and they have critical roles to play as well; hunger is anger; and poverty is illiteracy, disease, violence, more poverty ….

Traditional leaders are typical religious leaders and have huge roles in fostering peace and tranquility in Nigeria – many of them are highly educated and they have to fill many voids.

Jummah Mubarak to you all.


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