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Easter Gifts for Your Wife.

Women love fashion and a dress-gift this Easter will go a long way.

You don’t have to break the bank to gift your loved ones ‘expensive’ gifts especially if you know what they cherish or need at that material time.

Some years back I met a lady in the course of my job … she later accessed and assessed my profile online which I didn’t introduce to her, and of her own volition she endorsed the platform with a ‘like’ and believe me if I tell you that she scored high in my mind and her ratings soared automatically.

So what am I saying if you cherish and endorse what someone idolizes believe me it’s a gift from you to such and the person will not fail to acknowledge your novel gesture. 

As a man what do you feel your wife needs the most?

Communication device? Perhaps a smart phone, maybe a tab or laptop ….

Wardrobe needs – maybe one or two dresses (LBD) perhaps she’s been complaining of heels giving her serious issues in the office because she walks around a lot – two pairs of flats could be her utmost needs.

Kitchen – perhaps she needs a blender, maybe gas cooker or mechanical repairs of faulty items and the like.

Now it could be intangible gifts – maybe there’s something she detests in your attitude and trust me if you stop it, you just gave her a wonderful gift.

Maybe you notoriously embarrass her in public, perhaps you’re a 24/7 Santa who spends recklessly and go broke perpetually, it could be womanizing, drinking, keeping late-nights, divulging your private affairs to her in-laws (your family) or reporting her to her parents and so on.

Don’t just wake up and buy your wife any dress or shoes anyhow enlist the services of her close friend, maybe sister or even your own daughter (if she’s mature, she’s likely to understand her mum’s tastes better than you).  Any of these women can help you out thereby making the surprise gifts make top sense.

I always say that money is a universal gift and this gift is like giving many options to the recipients so don’t underestimate monetary gifts.

Photo credit:  Ebenezer Dada/Insigna



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