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Bedtime Café (The Games Margaret Plays to Avoid Sex)

Not everyone that’s sleeping is actually sleeping (Shutterstock)

Margaret is biracial (British mum + Nigerian dad); she’s married to a Nigerian man, Isaac Ogbemudia, a smart husband and doting dad. Margaret had upgraded from the cliché and traditional excuses of women to avoid sex.

“I’ve got headache!”

“I’m feeling cold!”

“It’s aches and pains!”

And this is because her husband, Isaac is update himself and yes pain relievers occupies 90% of his First Aid Box and besides he’s ingenious and many times counters his wife excuses with, “Sex cures all sorts of pains and aches and also makes sleep tender and relaxing and in the end the invisible masseurs, pharmacists and physicians providence put in sex will make you feel better than you were before you took ill!”

A ‘con man’ at times manufactures a cunning woman now let’s access two notable games, lines Margaret uploaded at different times, as antidotes to avoid connecting and exchanging electrical signals with her hubby, Isaac.

At 2:30pm one bright and brilliant June afternoon she picks her phone and calls Isaac from her office –

“Darling if you get home tonight and find your dinner waiting for you then undoubtedly your wife is Superwoman No. 1 in our contemporary world. Believe me if I tell you that some pains are actually incurable and all the pain-killers in the world can’t cure my pains except I observe 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight!”

In the above scenario Margaret was indirectly drumming the fact that ‘there won’t be sex tonight’ into her hubby’s ears and trying to prepare his mind in advance as immunity against shock, and she scored 100%. Okay o.

At another time Margaret was ‘already in bed’ and the moment Isaac opens their bedroom door she yawns and opens her mouth wide, “Daddy, I’ve got a deadline to meet at 8:30am tomorrow and by fire by force I must wake up at 2:00am to finish it and right now I’m very tired. In fact I don’t know how I’ll manage to get up, anyway should you wake please wake me up!”

Poor Isaac felt bad for his dear wife and the good husband woke at 2:39am and found his wife still sleeping like the slippers that slipped and fell into Silifa’s glue-powered rat catcher. He woke her up, “City, it’s 2:50am, in fact 3:00am come on, get up. Did you forget you’ve got a deadline?”

Margaret turned lazily in bed and yawned, “See Uncle Isaac, you and I are not Jacob and Esau and it’s better for the deadline to die than your lifeline. Or do you want your soul-mate to die? Let the job die and let your wife live. You know my job isn’t your wife nor the mum of your kids so let your wife sleep to live to see another sex … sorry another day!”

That was it. She had shot herself in the leg. And you don’t make such mistakes with a man like Isaac.

Now why didn’t Margaret want to sleep with her hubby? I know not, but you may ask her if you see her.


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Sweet dreams and tender night’s rest to you all.


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