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Reactions Trailing 2019 AFCON Draw (Nigeria Reacts).

Good news bring smiles to our faces.

As stated earlier ‘Kofi’ is Ghana just as ‘Emeka’ Nigeria now let’s see how Nigeria via Emeka reacts to the 2019 AFCON draw.

Emeka was confident Nigeria will perform in the 2019 edition of CAF though Emeka isn’t one of the players nor the manager he was convinced, but in many convictions there’s an iota of doubt no matter how subtle and part of the doubt is courtesy the Black Stars of Ghana.

Emeka says, “No shaking, Naija will perform. Give me Ghana, in fact let them give me Ghana plus Cameroon plus Egypt I will come out of that group ….”

The fact that Emeka was ranting doesn’t mean there’s no element of fear in him … and finally the draw was observed, meanwhile Emeka was on a trip and the moment he arrived and alighted at the motor-park the first man he met at the park he intuitively inquired from him and the young man said, “I’ve forgotten our opponents but Nigeria won’t combat Ghana, Egypt or Cameroon at the group stage,” and Emeka smiled.

@ image:

That’s the face of Emeka after hearing the good news, but I thought he said he wanted Ghana, Cameroon and Egypt at the group stage so why the smile and excitement?

The draw was two days ago and many had reacted in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon … and many more will.

Wishing all the teams the very best of Success though I’m rooting for Nigeria.

Photo credit: en.clipdealer.com



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