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DAF (Drama at the ATM Facility – Revert vs. Reverse.)

Bank customers waiting anxiously for their turn to transact. (image credit: olayemiogunojo.com)

About 7 people were on queue to withdraw from the only ATM machine on duty in that two of the machines had take ill and were awaiting the results of the tests their doctors had carried out on them.

Some of the bank customers on queue were cashing and leaving and many more were joining the queue and it was getting longer by the minutes. A man in his late 20s finally mounted the platform, inserted his card and pressed some buttons. The machine refused to spew up the 10k he had demanded and in lieu of this his phone beeped.

Suspicion written on his face and he looked at his phone and saw debit alert …. His money had been debited but there he was no cash to show for it.

He initially wanted to take position and begin to cry but on second thought he looked at the machine, closed his eyes, raised his hands up and rested it on the stubborn machine.

“I command you in the Mighty name of God enter your labour-room right now and give birth to my 10k before I command and curse you to die and join your two friends already in the morgue!”

At first all the bank customers, bystanders were shocked and were short of words. Some smiling, some smirking, some tittering, some publishing all sorts of stories –

“Money for Easter chicken gone,” said a woman with baby strapped to her back.

“His bank mistook him for Mark Zuckerberg and wanted to tax him but it will realize sooner than later his true status and will give him back his money so carry your bag and go ‘Mike Zuckerbag‘!”

Naija had turned the scenario to Nollywood until one lady in the queue voiced out loud, “Jesus vs. the barren tree in the Bible I knew, we knew, now it’s a Nigerian vs. ATM! Bros leave that place now before we call the security!”

“Nonsense. No sense in your statement,” the ‘prophet’ released his own missiles without opening his eyes.

And everyone exploded in laughter and then a man in the queue raised his diamond-powered voice, “Please leave that place jare we are in a hurry, serious comedian!” another customer registering his anger and disappointment.

“Samson vs. Delilah was won by Delilah and then Samson and then hmmmm … now it’s Naija vs. ATM … believe me this machine will win you and will also transfer aggression to all of us who are innocent here!” another customer published his mind.

One average-framed man out of the crowd came forth and was aggressively approaching the prayer warrior who was huge but the bank security stopped him and advised the prophet to leave the venue. “Young man don’t worry your money is safe the machine will rever it!” the bank security advised.

Watch out for the Concluding Part.


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