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Filling the Vacuum Peculiar to Holidays.

Many schools (public and private) in Nigeria are now on break which means your children and ward will spend more time at home than ever before.

Have you made provision for this special needs? Remember their safety is most crucial.

Don’t just drop them with anyone anyhow, remember children are abused many times by people they know – from relatives to neighbours, home-lesson teachers and the like.

Now did you take your time to go through their report cards? Please do this exercise will gossip many things about them – their intellect and capacity, it will tell you where they are strong and weak academically. Consolidate on their strengths and intervene in their weaknesses.

What did their report cards say about their attendance – are they punctual or perpetually late to school?

Are they bullies or victims of bullies and so on – the latter may not be explicit.

Some parents take their children to their workplace – stores, workshop, offices and the like and by extension some companies have in-house facilities and instructors to take care of their staff’s children and so on.

Holiday is here. Don’t expose your children to harm and danger or negative indoctrination.

Photo credit: danboschools.com


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