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Champions League Quarter-Finals Second-Leg (Juventus vs Ajax; Barcelona vs. Man United)

Luke Shaw’s own goal in the first-leg gave Barcelona an edge.

Life is a journey so is success and winning in life or even love entails fighting to the very end; in other words not giving up, not relenting or retiring and should you fall or falter along the way getting up is more important than what made you fall or how long it took you to rise above the storm.

Welcome to the Second-leg of Champions League Quarter-finals. Going into this game let’s access the results:

Ajax 1-1 Juventus. Based on first-leg results – Juventus have an edge with away-goal; now any win for Ajax or Juventus is straight to the Semi-Finals.

In the context of spoils-sharing:

Juventus 0-0 Ajax means the visitors are out; 1-1 means penalties and 2-2 or 3-3 and so on means the visitors have qualified.

Goaless draw (0-0) means Juventus have qualified.

Now for Juventus to have a chance they must not concede or outscore their opponents; for Ajax to have a chance they must net no matter what.

The Second Game Tonight.

Man United 0-1 Barcelona – based on first-leg results Barcelona have an edge and any win or draw for Barcelona qualifies them for the Semi-Finals. Barcelona 0-1 Man United means penalties; Barcelona 1-2 Man. United means the Red Devils have qualified for the Semi-Finals, and the more the goals they score to beat Barcelona – 3-2 or 4-3 and so on qualifies the Red Devils. So the Red Devils must score at Barcelona to have any chance and for Barcelona to see the Semi-Finals the permutations of any draw or outscoring (winning) their opponents must be expressed and experienced.

All the four teams playing tonight have a second chance (90 minutes) even at that they still have second half (45 minutes) to right their past wrongs or consolidate on their initial success as the case may be.

Wishing all the teams the very best of success.

(Image: REUTERS)


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