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Provision Meets Patronage.

Food is life and our local markets stock food, groceries and other essential items (photo credit: olayemiogunojo.com)

Round peg in round hole. Our local markets attract buyers because they make provision for our diverse needs and most times they offer products not services.

Skills birth services, though traders put their skills (people, marketing skills, customer relations …) to good use to sell their products and the extra – have a competitive edge.

‘Products meets patronage’ highlights the fact that to earn a legitimate living you need to have something noble that people need – products, services (skills).

A medical doctor is formally trained and he uses his skills in fighting diseases, correcting deformities, healing injuries and in the process he dispenses health to his patients. Parents – now what type of parents are you?

Many illiterate and semi-literate parents have graduate children today because they sent their children and ward to school with the little they made from their trading businesses and it’s possible because they chose industry over indolence.

Many of these people who had struggling but diligent parents made it big in life, occupying honourable offices in both the public and private sectors of our economy, big thanks to the selfless sacrifice of their parents.

Farmers use their skills in agriculture to produce food, meat, fish and so on and market women stock products for their customers.

Tools and skills. Apprentices seek skills in workshops, master their customized tools and become empowered and economically independent, productive and positive force to their families and societies – and many of them are fighting illiteracy, poverty by giving education to their families. Kudos!

An empowered and sensible youth, man, woman is a plus to his or her family and society.

What do you have that can empower you and your family? What skills do you need to seek to brighten your future and better your family? How do you use your time? Stop dreaming. Stop fantasizing. Make that move. Start something no matter how small.

Don’t be a mirage and expect a miracle.

Remember crime starts first from the mind but if you occupy that mind, mine with good, noble, positive thoughts, things and optimism it will never take root.

We are our choices, so choose industry in lieu of indolence, good in place of bad, white instead of black and tomorrow will be better for you and your family.

Finally, literate parents with illiterate children are bad news to their societies while illiterate parents with literate children had done awesomely well to their family and that’s success!

We are olayemiogunojo.com // Have a successful toolsday.


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