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Selfless Orientation Promotes Advancement in Families and Societies.

Human beauty meets animal beauty.

A man and his son were out in the woods hunting, when they saw a small python descending from a tree. “See that python,” Baba alerted his son and they pursued. They tried to kill but it narrowly escaped.

Son: Baba if snakes were slow in nature, more like earthworm, it will be better for us to hunt and kill.

Baba: (shaking his head thoughtfully) No my son.

Son: (looking bewildered) But why baba?

Baba: Now listen my son. Don’t always look at your side of the bargain in every story. Selfish people do that. If snakes were like earthworm that means they will be slow in movement and in that case they will be forced to fight rather than take a flight. Fight over flight means many casualties, fatalities for humanity.

Son: (smiling) Oh baba, you’re a sage. I never thought of that.

‘Baba’ means father.

Moral of the story: when we look at creations and generously criticize nature we are only highlighting our own imperfection as human.  The snake in the story was actually a boa: tree-boa constrictor, but baba didn’t see it well from his position.

In rounding off be selfless as a leader, follower wherever you are on planet earth.

@ image: Because Nigerian reality star Anto Lecky had snake round her neck doesn’t mean snakes are our friends. Don’t play with any except you’re pretty convinced it will be harmless to you.

Nature is beautiful and you can see that the python @ image is indeed beautiful.

There’s animal reserve to preserve and promote animal life, and people are not expected to hunt in these areas.

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