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The Issue of Girl-Child Education, Career Women and Full-time Homemaker.

Career women (even loads of men) are concerned about maintaining healthy balance between work and family

Flow and Follow. If your wife is well-read, she will flow socially, intellectually and spiritually and the respect follows you everywhere you go!

If she’s beautiful people will respect you as a man.

If she occupies a desirable office in the public or private sector the respectable traits rub off on you.

Hello, if you take good care of your wife she’ll be attractive and good-looking don’t ever forget that.

Now if she’s educated but a full-time domestic officer (by conviction or compulsion) her quality will reflect in her children, hubby and family as a whole.

So whoever you are and however you look at it women need education and to those who still passionately believe and say their education ends in the kitchen – remember kitchen is food and food is life!

Food poisoning, water-borne diseases, malnutrition, head offices of mosquitoes … are more common in homes of illiterates than literates and by extension healthy children are those who are not far from medics and medical facilities, children exposed to sexual education peculiar and appropriate to their age groups are mostly children of the educated and since women are the nucleus of our homes, they are key in these instructions and institutions.

Now if a woman decides of her own volition not to work perhaps because her hubby, maybe parents are wealthy and so on, no one is hurt, though it’s advisable she does. Our homes are informal offices and housework is a job on its own but when a woman has enough time to focus on her family, her children and hubby are the better for it.

But I’ll advise women in this class to self-develop themselves … Internet is just a click away and be smart in savings as well as have dormant but active businesses – shares in companies and the like.

The world is now very advanced and you can be a full homemaker and simultaneously be a ‘full-time businesswoman’ your money, resources are working for you. Seek business analysts and financial experts to know more on this and many more.

Don’t forget education is both formal and informal – and every home and society need the two versions, because one is incomplete and inadequate!

As usual we are olayemiogunojo.comĀ  and we are live from Nigeria.

Photo credit: businesspundit.com


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