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Barcelona and Ajax Advance to Champions League Semi-Finals (Barcelona 3-0 Man United; Juventus 1-2 Ajax)

Philippe Coutinho is gifted in netting sensational goals (Getty Images)

One blueprint, principle I abide with in life is ‘never overestimate or underrate any team, group, person ….

If PSG had won this year’s Champions League it won’t come as a surprise to many football lovers because they were good; again in this same competition two notable giants who usually end up in the last four had fallen on the way side – talk of Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and if any of these two teams had won the competition it won’t also be a major upset.

Now if any EPL team beat this current Barcelona team it will generate more ripples than Barcelona beating any one of them and with that I’m not saying EPL teams can’t beat Barcelona in this tournament.

So far in the Champions League Barcelona had stopped the progress of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Man. United so beating Man United isn’t big deal.

Man United coming from behind to beat PSG is like David defeating Goliath. News, Noise. News. And ace Barcelona are conscious of this and are not ready to gamble with the Red Devils to become another ugly statistics so they had prepared in advance and ended up embarrassing the Red Devils.

Ajax also knew Juventus came from 2-0 down to blitz regular and popular Atletico Madrid and that’s big lesson to Ajax and they gathered their arsenals and instead of becoming a prey at Juventus’ abattoir they became the predator. I only watched about 30% of their game no thanks to bad signals ….

Now if Barcelona and Ajax weren’t good enough that’s motivation in the absence of competence, skills and this won’t take them anywhere.

I accessed many comments while watching the game, to online back to offline on the Red Devils and truth be told their performance had dropped but what variable or variables are responsible? Maybe the players and manager can tell better than us!

In the absence of epidemic no medical doctor will access the symptoms a patient present and conclude hook, line and sinker that ‘ZY’ is the disease afflicting her patient. Science doesn’t work on just observation but investigation and so tests should be, must be carried to authenticate the health challenge of the patient in question.

That said, I presume the sudden realization that Man United can actually win the Champions League after sending PSG home affected the overall performance of the Red Devils in all competitions and that’s not to say some other variables (latent) are not part of the ‘plot’.

Don’t also forget Man United vs. Liverpool game and the many injuries recorded on the side of Man. United, even before the game. Now players don’t return from injuries (long or short-term) and begin to deliver 100% and to buttress my argument patients just discharged from medical facilities don’t return home and begin to perform 100%. It takes time!

Man. United sure need to improve to make exploits.

Juventus and Man United down as Barcelona and Ajax progress to the Semi-finals.


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