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Champions League Quarter-Final Second-Leg (Man City vs. Tottenham; Porto vs. Liverpool)

Champions League Quarter-final First leg results: Tottenham 1-0 Man City. (credit: Getty Images)

Liverpool 2-0 Porto – The results implies that for Liverpool to qualify for the Semi-Finals they need at worse any draw or a win. The Reds are fortunate not to concede at Anfield and that’s a huge edge over their opponents.

But in life never-say-never and Liverpool should beware of potholes in Porto. If Liverpool can beat Porto at Anfield what stops Porto from replicating same in their home ground?

For Porto to have any chance they must net at least twice at home without conceding which is a herculean task, but not impossible.

Porto 2-0 Liverpool means penalties; Porto 3-0 Liverpool means the hosts have qualified; now Porto 3-1 Liverpool means the Reds are through to the Semi-Finals and so on.

In Champions league away goal means just one goal could make a difference between winning (qualifying) and losing out.

Liverpool played a big game – Liverpool vs. Chelsea on Sunday and two big games in few days sometimes tell on the performance of players.

Leicester (the Foxes) were giving big teams big issues – they beat Man City, Chelsea, Everton …  played Liverpool and shared the spoils with them and few days later they had to face the Red Devils and lost to Man United and then Spurs slaughtered them not long after.

The two big games that followed each other closely were demanding and most likely affected Leicester and so they couldn’t register their traits with Man. United. Hello it takes one game for a player or team to lose confidence, competence and conversely it takes one game to gain or restore same.

Leicester never remained the same. I hope Liverpool take a cue from this.

Man City vs. Tottenham game

Tottenham 1-0 Man – based on this result, Spurs have an edge and for them to qualify for the Semi-Finals a draw will favour them and a win is consolidation.

Man City 2-1 Tottenham means Spurs have qualified same with Man City 0-0 Tottenham. Man City 3-1 Spurs indicate the Citizens are through to the Semi-Finals and by extension Man City 2- 0 Spurs and so on.

The Citizens must score to have any chance in the Semi-finals – any draw is a taboo and so Man City must outscore their opponents with at least with 2 goals to play in the Semi-Finals.

Man City will come out blazing and the earlier they net the better but the hunger to net is also vulnerability and advantage for Spurs.

To every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities now if Spurs net first it doesn’t mean they will qualify and if Man City didn’t net until the end of first-half or beginning of second-half it doesn’t mean they won’t qualify.

Analysts hide their clubs because their audience will see sentiments in their analyses no matter how objective they are. If you say your club will win you’re being biased if you say they will lose they will say it’s pretense and so on. But sometimes analysts, pundits may change clubs without publicizing it.

The Citizens need aggression; Spurs need assertion and both need caution.

Wishing all the four teams the very best of success.



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