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Diverse Thoughts that Rise With us From Bed (II)

Love is a microcosm of life and it affects our life. (Istock.com)

“I’m not a 9to5 person, I detest desk, files, ‘yes sir, yes sir’ and that’s why I keep telling my husband to let me start my boutique business, I like fabrics, love fashion right from the womb and my mum can attest to that. Now my hubby keeps saying, “Paid-job is more secure,” But with mass retrenchment and irregular salaries peculiar to the civil service no stability at all? – Annastacia.

“Until I provide money for Easter turkey, crate of eggs, drinks and clothes for my children, my wife sees sex as slave-trade and every night she complains of headaches, heartaches, mindaches. Saying no to sex is like rejecting pleasure and it baffles me how God made women not to idolize sex, like us and we’ve got to beg for it many times but my friend doesn’t do that before having his way? Or could it be that his own wife collected too much libido from God? Now if I ask my wife to lend me money she’ll demand interest. Ah, this God is biased to women.” – Diego

“If that boy refuses to grow up and become a man I’ll smartly prove to him that I’m Wura. Yes I’ll do wuru wuru to the answer for him. I think the only language he understands his command and I’ll coerce, colonize him into marriage with pregnancy. Women are to money what sharks are to blood, they can perceive money miles away so let me quickly make hay while the sun shines and outsmart other women but why are men specialists in wasting our time?” – Wura

“I’ve fallen in love with BG but incidentally he’s no longer interested in dating me … I don’t know why men buy and sew clothes they don’t have the intention of wearing? Now why don’t they understand our love language? Their mum should have taught them, but ironically they will be the one to say, “Abegi leave that yeye girl alone, there are many fish in the river, yet they did what we’re doing to their own husbands o!” – Emem

“I’m done with Emem. Every ‘Paula and Paul’ that must date and maybe marry must give love a chance and if at this stage a woman still misses my calls, doesn’t beep or call back it’s high time I left her. She’s wasting too much of my time and interestingly delaying me from moving on. Women are gifted in wasting men’s time!” – BG

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