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Teeth Matter this April Morning.

Brushing is fun ride but it demands supervision if the driver isn’t too experienced.

Brushing is early in the morning exercise which means teeth is trending across various homes in Nigeria, Africa, Europe … right now.

We may have similar toothpaste and toothbrush but sure we have dissimilar dentition. Americans, Europeans et al are not really white in complexion but humanity labeled them as such. They say the colour of the normal human urine isn’t white and by extension the teeth isn’t truly white in colour.

Now just as we have different complexions amongst Africans – ebony, chocolate-brown, fair … we have different shades or colour of teeth and the spectrum range from ‘white to ‘yellow’. Information has it that the enamel and dentine together are responsible for the colour of our teeth which could range from ‘light grey to light yellow’

Many of us especially when we were kids felt if we brush our teeth very well yellow, or not too white teeth will become pure white. That’s labour without reward and it’s advisable not to harbor or valour such labour. Can a dark-skinned man turn fair by using sponge and soap to bath aggressively?

With contemporary science today’s teeth can be upgraded in diverse ways; in fact we have different types – notable amongst them is the one peculiar to Mecca pilgrims – many alhajis and alhajas sport this special teeth.

Practically speaking most of us don’t really know how whitish or yellowish our teeth really are same way we don’t have a true picture of how the back of our heads, hips truly look like though many women actually do unlike men.

And again many of us have plenty issues with the structure or colour of our teeth.

“Not white enough!” – Moussa

“Too small!” – Albert

“Too big!” – Helen

“Too yellowish!” – Ife

Love your brand, your teeth … they are basically to crush your meals so take good care of your factory but remember they are not invited to the kissing party and should they gatecrash that’s white releasing red – yes blood may rush out.


Clean teeth and fresh breath add to our hygiene, health and beauty.

Good morning and beautiful day ahead.

Photo credits: Shutterstock/Istock.com


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