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World of Beauty Queens and Models (II).

Current Miss World Vanessa Ponce de León Sánchez

Beauty Queens, models, like nurses, actresses, air hostesses … are stereotyped but some Beauty Queens and models don’t have practical experience of intimacy much less sex.

Beauty Queens like models are stereotyped and many see, feel and say they can’t have stable homes but in Nigeria we know many who are enjoying blissful, peaceful and fruitful marriages.

I feel part of what’s responsible for this is the fact that many pageants expose women’s sensitive parts and an ideal person might feel only promiscuous people expose their bodies in public. Some organizers and sponsors are upgrading though and some had edited and eliminated the bikini, swim-suit part … from the competitions.

Beauty Queens and models are life influencers, ambassadors of products and organizations and truth be told many of them are true role-models.

Some Beauty Queens and models are lawyers, doctors, engineers, journalists … in college some made First Class, some Second Class Upper: Summa-cum-laude and Magna-cum-laude respectively and some have their PhDs.

Models advertise products and services and often do billboards, magazines, TV same with Beauty Queens.

In some special cases (more common in not too famous contest) Beauty Queens earn their trophies outside of the competition – in other words some of them slept with the organizers or sponsors to emerge winners; this isn’t uncommon with models to access endorsement deals too.

In rounding off, beauty pageantry now come in their varieties – for plus-sized women, ebony ladies, petite women, physically-challenged women … this ideology sell feminism, humanity to all, it fights objectifying women, enhance self-love, self-worth … models can be tall or petite, slim or plus-sized ….

  Miss World Vanessa Ponce

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