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Nigerian Entertainment Celebs and Domestic Investments.

Mechanized agriculture makes farming lively and lovely.

Nigerian entertainment celebs have a lot to do to improve the living conditions of the Nigerian youths et al. Yes you’re also a Nigerian and the system also affects you too. Now aside using movies, music, comedy … to propagate positive lifestyle, wholesome culture you can invest in agriculture.

Invest in agriculture if you fancy the venture after all when you do business, you make money and also bless others with opportunities to do same.

There’s money in agriculture, food business and as you make your money in entertainment channel to agriculture, tourism to make more and that’s multiple streams of income. Lagos is the capital of entertainment in Nigeria and I believe you can partner with Lagos State Government on this issue or other ancillary issues. In fact the Government of your states of origin will also be interested in this project.

You don’t need lots of money to begin. Governments can make lands available … and now that they need money much more than before this will go a long way.

I’m talking about mechanized farming not ‘hoe and cutlass agriculture’ here. The facility should have gym, sports facilities, Pay TV, barbing and hairdressing saloon … to make it enticing to youths.

As you partner with Governments on these noble and notable projects the distance between Nollywood and Government automatically disappears and it makes it easier for Governments to invest in Nollywood. Trust engenders partnership in life (business) or love (intimacy).

Win-win for Nollywood and Government.

Federal Government is doing well in agriculture, and supporting the institution to achieve more will enhance camaraderie, warmth, and future partnership will be easier.

Illiteracy isn’t just inability to write because there are two versions of instructions (formal and informal) and inability to right the wrongs by being good and doing good is also a form of illiteracy (informal) and when both come together in a society poverty, barbarism, insurgency … hold sway but when character and learning team up in a society transformation becomes dramatic.

Henceforth I desist from calling (Nigerian colloquium)  Internet fraudsters, cyber-criminals ‘yahoo yahoo’ because Yahoo is a company, reputable brand!

We are olayemiogunojo.com

When farmers look like actors they attract many to farms and indeed farmers are actors on plantations

Photo credit: imgrumweb.com/cimmyt.org


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