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TAM (That Awkward Moment © Bed Breath)

Smelly mouth is noisome to the nose and bed breath is bad breath.

That awkward moment when your spouse hurts you and you decided to register your grievances … you grabbed and threw words from your minds to her ears to nest in her mind so she could process, access and understand your feelings and possibly apologize.

Incidentally you just woke from bed and so the stench lurking in your mouth jumped out en masse and your wife tried to block her nostril to stop the criminals from scaling the fence into her system.

Catalyst. And your anger soared from 20% to 40% and the more you raised your voice the more stench were released and the more she tried to close her door and fence you out and the more your adrenaline flowed and the hotter your words so she had to fully cover her nose and you felt terribly bad, bitter.

Baba, relax!

Baba – father.

Photo credit: social media



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