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What Happens to our Mouths in Sleep?

Tooth-brushing is indispensable to oral health and we hardly forget to observe this routine.

Mouth that is not walking or working is on vacations and some ‘colleagues’ come up to relief her but they say you can’t give what you don’t have so they end up messing up the job and so stench takes over. Welcome to stench.

But once Mr. or Mrs. Resumes work – walking (talking) the smell gradually tender their resignation letter but then dirt remains and brushing arrest, cleans and fragrant.

How many people can recall the awkward moments they fall into because they forgot to brush their mouths before leaving home for school or work?

Many people who forget this actually buy tooth-brush and sachet tooth-paste to quickly clean. Many also have duplicates in their office bathroom

Mouth is printing press and we give it express permission to publish words but we stop bad breath from gatecrashing.

Photo credit: Video Blocks/medicalnewstoday.com

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