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Most Vulnerable Demographics to Malaria.

Children, pregnant women, nursing mums, babies, convalescents, senior citizens and all are vulnerable to malaria.

Now if your immune system is ‘immature’ has overworked … it makes you highly susceptible to malaria. Pregnancy is stress and anything that stresses you makes you vulnerable to more stress, infections or illness.

Remember illness is stress and stress can trigger illness – in quantity and quality!

Those whose immunity could be compromised easily: children, very senior citizens, those who have underlying illnesses (are stressed already) and when malaria teams with the illness (comorbidity) it becomes worse-off it could trigger fatality if intervention isn’t immediately sourced.

If a pregnant woman is infected by malaria the disease becomes more dangerous to the expectant mum and her unborn child and pregnant women and/or their loved ones should fight malaria (mosquitoes) like nursing mums.

Now if all of us loathe and fight mosquitoes like nursing mums it would have probably been a thing of the past. And interestingly not all nursing mums attack mosquitoes because some don’t even see the correlation between mosquitoes and malaria.

Note: only infected mosquitoes transmit malaria but hello any mosquito could be infected so don’t spare them.

I’m not likely to be infected by malaria in my own home because I perceive mosquitoes as my No. 1 enemy but climes bedeviled by malaria are ironically afflicted by poverty and the two variables are evil partners in aggravating the quantity and quality of malaria amongst the populace.

We are what we eat and if your meals are not balanced your system becomes biased (gateway) to infections, diseases and when they attack getting medical attention becomes another difficult, in fact impossible missions in some cases.

Cheap could be deadly. Many therefore resort to local herbs. The contents they are not sure of, the contacts of the producers non-existent in some cases; and so in an attempt to arrest malaria they could trigger another wahala. Some get  the drugs their family or friends had used to treat their own ‘malaria.’

At the onset of malaise if you can’t see your doctor, monitor your health closely, you may source analgesics at least to assuage the pains but if it get worse then fly to the hospital but some can only source analgesics but it says if symptoms persist after two days consult your doctors so where is the money to visit the clinic for consultations?

It’s a quagmire here!

Information is power so try and keep abreast of information, in that malaria treatment could be free in some medical facilities in your neighbourhood or city.

What I find very funny amongst all walks of life in this divide which I’d highlighted here in the past is that when we took ill and later recovered and people asked us what happened to us we typically say ‘malaria’ yet we did no test in the clinic whatsoever to prove that, some guess right in some cases though because malaria is prevalent in this part of the world yet assumptions is no science.

Your impact in your own life is great. Prevention NOT intervention. Don’t always wait for Government before doing what is right, think right, act right. It costs practically nothing to fight and conquer mosquitoes to seeking intervention for malaria. Attack the attackers before they infect you with malaria because treatment cost more.

If malaria attacks you; you won’t be able to go to work and make money especially for artisans, traders, transporters and all those who make money on a daily basis and interestingly you spend more in seeking cure. No money is coming in yet the little with you is going out to woo and win health for you. Too bad!

I accessed an information traceable to critically-acclaimed philanthropist Bill Gates where he highlighted the fact that malaria through mosquitoes had killed more humans than all the wars put together.

How terribly alarming! Take a cue and don’t be another statistics.

April 25 (yesterday) is World Malaria Day and God willing we will write more on this topic in due course.

Photo credit: insiderwanda.com



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