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History, Religions and Africa.

Humans are one part physical the other spiritual and without God your spiritual component becomes blank and dirty and dusty.

In the Sunday School service of a church a male congregant once asked, “Before the gospel came to Nigeria our forefathers had practiced their religions, lived their lives, don’t know the true God so how will God judge them?

If Islam and Christianity didn’t come to Nigeria, Africa we might probably continue to practice our traditional religions and we’re likely to argue till tomorrow that if others – Christians, Muslims, members of other religions with roots in Africa … don’t accept our own religions they won’t make heaven.

True or false?

I don’t know much about our traditional religions but I heard that some are not unconnected with human sacrifices … perhaps some adherents (just as we have insurgents, fake prophets, false doctrines today) went to the extreme in practicing the religions they pledge allegiance to.

I wasn’t alive then so there’s a limit to what I can say here, nonetheless I want to believe ignorance blindfolded many of them at the time. Some were mere lifestyles and may or may not not be religious-based – like killing of twins which is sheer ignorance and barbarism. But ignorance is no excuse before the law but the ultimate law and foremost lawyer and judge (God) considers these variables along with motivations.

A man could say the gods say they must sacrifice XYZ whereas he said that to exterminate XYZ so he could marry XYZ’s wife just as David did in the Bible … and this scenarios could play out many times at the time, which means individual’s selfish interests many times could be the motivations behind the barbarism adherents reportedly committed.

And probably not that they were documented, legalized and observed with impunity.

In our contemporary world we have fake clerics who commit all sorts of barbarism – some claim until they sleep with a woman with fertility issue her husband in heaven will continue to padlock the gate of her womb and all sorts of rubbish …  perhaps that’s exactly what happened at the time and many adherents were fooled and enslaved just as some clerics do to their members now! Sometimes I wonder whether the brains of these people (brainwashed, enslaved members) logged off but there could be more to it than meets the eye.

But when something is documented you can refer to same, you can relate to it, interpret, explain, expatiate and even research.

To this end when I talk about religions in the world today because they are many, I’m not talking about those who don’t have ‘constitutions’ and where all manners of evil are endorsed and practised.

Nigeria has a constitution, which guides her policies and peoples; Islam has Holy Quran; Christianity has the Holy Bible and because these books are documented they can be accessed, assessed, archived, researched, interpreted with higher cognition and so on.

Though historians might say our traditional religions too have their written constitution, I know not!

But thank God for God. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again God is science, the author of science and the science we study.

Now some class of people in Africa practice other ‘religions’ which isn’t Islam or Christianity but they hide under these religions and claim they are true members but they perpetrate evil – I’m talking about spiritual people who go to churches, mosques religiously and observe the dictates of these religions but ONLY on the surface.

If you’re not for God then you’re a messenger of the devil and Africans have special names for these people – both males and females and ideally people who belong to these associations are evil and cause havoc to their families, communities and humanity.

Criminals are physical enemies of peoples, societies and some have spiritual powers as immunity and insurance which often fail them … by extension there’s also the spiritual enemies of the people who operate in the spiritual realm and this is documented in the Bible  ‘… against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world ….’

In rounding off, thank God for God. Now Europeans, Britons and Arabs brought Christianity and Islam respectively to Africa but don’t judge or condemn those who practiced traditional religions before Islam and Christianity came to Africa!

You’re not God that will judge the world and it’s ignorance, arrogance to feel we know God through and through but knowing and believing that God will enlighten us all in the end is science in spiritual matters.

Even science updates on itself because higher knowledge sheds more light on past deductions. The aircraft the Wright Brothers pioneered isn’t the one we’re flying today but they did invent the flying bird. Today’s aircraft is far more advanced and sophisticated, thanks to updates from science and research. Solomon used ‘native wisdom’ (sourced from God) to resolve the maternity issue in the Bible now science has updates. Why can’t, didn’t God establish DNA-tech then when He knew the end from the beginning?

In rounding off we talk science and spiritual matters on this site and as we collectively seek the advancement of Africa, clerics and all true believers – Muslims and Christians alike have a lot to do as regards this issue because negatively-minded spiritual people thrive best in darkness, backwardness, barbarism, ignorance, poverty, illiteracy … and may never want the advancement of Africa.

Note: Problems confronting Nigeria, Africa isn’t physical alone.

Killing people for rituals (money, fame, promotion, position …) at this age and time is the height of barbarism, insult on humanity.

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