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Month: May 2019

Diligence + Providence = Success (Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona)

This is the team. Confidence is competence. What Liverpool lacked at Camp Nou they expressed at Anfield; what Barcelona had at Camp Nou went missing at Anfield. Anxiety means inappropriate passes; misfiring which is stray balls …. One goal, an…

Never Ever Give Up: the Inspiration in ‘Never Walk Alone’.

The Reds Never gave up! Why commit suicide because your partner says, “It’s over!” Why kill yourself because of your medical report? Why say bye-bye to this world because of debts? …. Never-Walk-Alone means Don’t Ever Give up!

‘Corporately Ready for Work’ Mode.

The model is smartly, coolly ready for work, are you? Home is our personal life and that’s where our significant others nest; work is our professional life and that’s where our files resides and besides that’s where we ultimately hunt…

‘Cut Your Bones According to Your Teeth.’

Brushing is known to all but flossing is alien to many. Our teeth vary in sizes and the spectrum range from very big through average to very small. ‘Like charges attract and unlike charges repel’ … to this end big…

Brushing as Date With the Angels in our Mouths.

Brushing is going on a date with the angels in our mouths. And the date laced with romance and fragrance usually ends well and so it’s the first microscopic success of the day.

The Shoes of Mohammed Salah and Roberto Firmino Search for Good Legs Tonight.

Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge Many people in life have the courage of lions and I belong to that class which makes me embrace and imbibe the mantra never-say-never. Portugal – came out third in their group in Euro 2016…

The Winning Template of Barcelona Coach Ernesto Valverde.

Barcelona team in their element. We had won our league in Spain and that says, shows we’re Spanish Champions, come on guys, let’s be European Champions. Now we go to Anfield with 3-goal advantage and that’s a disadvantage. Now did…

‘If It Was America’. (Fuel Scarcity Version)

Energy (petrol or alcohol or electricity …) powers automobiles. With every little hitch, hiccup in the polity Nura Ibrahim, a Nigerian based in Gombe must voice ‘If it was America’. Fuel scarcity – “This can never happen in America and…

Regal Tuesday (feat. American Actress Aja Naomi King)

American actress Aja Naomi King. It’s Toolsday and we feature actress Naomi King. Skills are tools and yes skills run tools. Naomi King is an alumnus of University of California and Yale and her two degrees align with her profession….

As Crucial to Success as Informed Risk

This sensational opener and decisive goal from Vincent Kompany was the game winner. Another brand new day is here so thank God for the gift of life, the numerous opportunities, possibilities stocked  in life as well as the beauty of…

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