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Building Collapse and Rains.

Many buildings like this, though vertical they could go horizontal anytime and in many cases they send their occupants to morgues.

As we enter the New Year the rains gradually increase, January is typically harmattan and from second to third week it says bye-bye to the early part of the year, and heat steadily takes over.

January-February rains (first rains in many states) make news; March gets it’s little share of chilled water from the sky. April is clement, it connects the dry season to the raining season.

May is here and rains gather momentum and peaks in June (next month) ‘rains and building collapse’ correlate and are not uncommon in this part of the world. Therefore all houses marked for demolition must not be spared or delayed.

Any Government official collecting bribes from occupants of such properties to postpone or delay demolition is supporting suicide and such is dangerous just like armed-robbers, kidnappers ….

Occupants of such buildings don’t want to be homeless and so they are desperate to bribe but it’s better to be homeless in life than get accommodation in the morgue or grave. Moreover Governments, corporate organizations, philanthropists will help with accommodation if you channel your pathetic conditions to them.

Don’t let ignorance send you 6 feet beneath!

Landlord Associations have a huge role to play and need to alert Government on buildings in their neighbourhoods that pose threats to their occupants et al. In fact it’s an assignment for everybody even if you’re a stranger … don’t make noise about it, do it secretly to avoid issues. In all your motivation counts!

In rounding off, we thank many Nigerian philanthropists and Nigerians in general for their unflinching financial and moral supports to people (famous or anonymous) with health challenges. Kudos to you all.


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