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Taming Your Weapons as Security Agents.

Security agents on duty.

One of the qualities of leadership is self-control and this is partly expressed in the ability to control one’s emotions.

Leadership is pubic office and the public is filled with people with various characters and attitudes – the good, the bad and the ugly but no one is a 24/7 angel and none I guess is 24/7 devil hence the bad can be good sometimes; and the good can be bad at times. Furthermore, a good person in the midst of bad people is bad and a bad person in the midst of good people is good.

In a nutshell a leader will manage emotions, peoples, situations … but if such couldn’t manage his own first and foremost, then how will he manage those of others?

When I put on the cloak of diverse characters in my stories on this site you behold bullies, traitors, cynics, misogynists … but I hardly use my weapons negatively on people in real world settings. Character and learning. If I can’t make you feel better why should I add to your pains if I’m really a good person?

From the contents of this site, many of you would have known by now that I’ve got the potentials to bully, troll, abuse.

Yes my mind is sharp but my mouth is blunt.

And yes learning sharpens our minds but character blunts our mouths.

If you’re good and smart enough to see lots of good in people you can also see the negative but it’s better to be good and sell good so that good, goodness and goodwill can pervade the land.

Many years ago a classmate of mine in UI (I wasn’t studying Psychology then) told me of the fight that broke out between two male students over space on the field. The huge student was the aggressor and was intimidating, pushing the other student till the latter got fed up and told him he wound deal with him … fight finally broke out and before you say separate them the aggressor was lying flat on the ground.

The Goliath never knew the student he was bullying was a martial artist. It’s strength to hide your weapons you know and that’s what I’m telling our security agents. The martial artist had weapons (skills) yet he was calm. Big lesson there.

After several seconds he struggled, staggered and finally got up and began roaring, “Where is he? Where is he …” the student had left with his fellow martial artists.

It’s a very serious issue for professional boxers to fight (not one another) in public but on the ring they receive ovation. When two lions wrestle no big deal but a lion shouldn’t combat a zebra in fair play but in the jungle it does.

The fists of boxers are ‘sacred and insured’ and preserved and not meant to convey blows in public.

Nitty-gritty. As a security agent whatever title is attached to your office, learn to also manage your weapons.
Emotions and weapons.

Your own weapons here isn’t hot words, fists but hot lead (bullet) but anger is the catalysts that push fingers to the trigger, so be wary of anger and stay away from drugs (alcohol ….) because drugs will affect your rational thinking and even activate your anger, and hunger for revenge.

Many of us still remember the fatal havoc one security agent committed after he got intoxicated with alcohol.

If you drink don’t carry firearm; if you carry firearm; don’t drink.

No one will give a child firearm because he could be reckless and in a jiffy destroy innocent lives; Government see you as adults, responsive and responsible adults to have armed you with weapons to enforce law and order, protect lives and properties, curtail crime and arrest criminals. So live up to your billing.

And to the general public especially youths if you have issues with security agents don’t send hot words at them if possible mute or play mumu to live to eat fufu another day.

Some police officers in Abuja were accused of arresting sex hawkers and in the process they sexually abused some of them.

Mr. Cat tells his kittens not to say ‘bark’ for it’s a taboo in the kingdom of cats but music in the lands of dogs but Mr. Cat himself began to actually bark and that’s worse-off i that he didn’t voice ‘bark’ but was actually barking. And if the story is actually true rape is worse off than commercial sex!

Sex hawking turns women to commodities in the open market, it cheapens women and it’s against God and feminism, and hello ethically it’s wrong, morally it’s bad, spiritually it’s bitter!

The security situation in the country is getting out of hands and the earlier Government and security agents and all stakeholders act decisively on this fragile issue the better for us all.

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