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Blast from the Past (Grass to Grace)

Mama G’s eyes had picked some strange and startling signals.

@ image: the face of Madam MNG (Money Na god)  after her friend tells her, “That mansion house of many years is now mouse, big thanks to the overweight pockets and initiative of Chukwudi. Look at the house, palace, yes beside the old mansion, yes that green and white castle. It belongs to Chukwudi,” and the past of Madam MNG blasts her mind to spill its contents.

Yes what she had said to Chukwudi in the past, “… Chukwudi, my daughter can never marry a carpenter, because wood is not food, not money or didn’t you remember ‘as poor as church rat‘ Church has chairs and that’s wood and rat can eat wood yet they say it’s poor. Only a fool will build a pool for poverty to swim and stay merry!”

“Mummy, some poultry farmers have just 50 birds and some have 5, 000,000 birds yet they are both farmers but the 50-farmer could someday have 5,000,000 birds or much more. I’m not an illiterate, I’ve got my School Certificate and I will still study more. I will put school in my wood and I’m good, in fact the best carpenter in this village and beyond and I’ll get better. And mummy, I’ll enrol your daughter in fashion school so that when we go to the city she’ll start her fashion business. Just pray for me to meet rich Igbos in Lagos. Contacts matter in life and one contact could be the breakthrough I need. We network to get contact ….” Chukwudi statement was truncated by Mama MNG.

“Shut up Network News I don’t see you on TV or hear you on radio. I don’t see new shoes on your legs, or smell nice aroma from your kitchen na so so garri, no good food in your tummy … na so so savings dey your head and the head self dey poor so you dey save for 419 people to become rich … and if I see you here again I will cook you with boiled water. You don become Chukwwater be that o!”

@ Image: Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G.


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