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Do Brides and Grooms Actually Enjoy Their Meals at Their Wedding?

Bride feeding her groom.

Do brides and grooms enjoy their meals on their wedding day? Talking about item 7 proper – jollof and fried rice and the like here.

Now two sources of sublime pleasure don’t usually go together in love and life and it’s pretty difficult to listen and process what your wife is saying and also access and digest what you’re reading in the newspapers. Hearing but not listening is the case if you focus on the newspaper in your hand.

You can’t enjoy sex and at the same relish maximum pleasure from your favourite meal.

One has to be dormant for the other to be dominant.

Joy is pleasure at its peak and food also stocks pleasure but the pleasure of bliss and elation usually overwhelm our appetite, taste and taste buds and so many times grooms and brides just taste and swallow their meals.

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