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‘Misappropriation of Meats at Owambe’.

Your face when an usher misinterpreted a guest (your brother) at an event.

It was item 7 at the venue of a wedding reception and the mouths of guests and well-wishers were crushing plants and animals. Your brother had one notorious habit which your parents and you tried repeatedly to correct but failed gallantly to stop and it grew with him.

He eats his meat first and many times this had cost him loads of embarrassment.

One day the lady he secretly admired found him in the  the cafeteria of his office complex eating jollof rice without meat and her eyes picked the image and saved in the bank.

Months later the man wanted to woo the lady in question at the parking lot of a shopping mall and the lady embarrassed him.

“No need to ask for my contact brother because I ‘m too expensive for you but honestly I’m not materialistic but I can’t eat my jollof or fried rice without meat …!”

But on this day it was good news. This man Usman had eaten his meat before he even swallowed any rice and midway  (49%) into his meal an usher saw him and voiced, “Oh, I’m so sorry, the servers forgot to put meat in your meal,” but before Usman replied the usher had walked on and emerged a minute later with dish full of fried meats – chickens, beef and turkey!

Photo credit: resortgram.com


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