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‘From Freedom of Expression of Taste in Faith to Fiefdom and Slavery’.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre is a leader, teacher and manager.

I was born an Anglican, I attended a Catholic Elementary school and their services once in a while; I attended many churches in my little travels and I noticed that doctrines differ from church-to-church but I doubt if I ever had face-to-face contacts with weird doctrines.

Orthodox (traditional) Churches have a kind of template, blueprint that they follow and I make bold to say that majority of churches where their leaders, GOs misbehave are Pentecostal (modern-day) churches. Now note some and NOT most Pentecostal Churches.

Just as parents withdraw their children from public and enroll in private schools and some also send abroad to study and by extension some also prefer private hospitals to Government-owned medical centres and again some seek medical-care overseas because they could afford it. Yes money gives us tastes and grant us luxury.

Now many people born into Orthodox-churches leave for Pentecostal Churches as they mature and become independent because they see Orthodox Churches as ‘old-schools’ whereas some of the Pentecostal Churches have power-drunk and attention seeking leaders. They stage all sorts of dramas and express bizarre attitudes in their various churches.

In seeking advancement, freedom of expression of your faith don’t end up in slavery.

Some of these clerics perform fake miracles and publicize, don’t be surprised if you hear that they tell their members to prostrate on the floor and they turn them to walkway … just to drive home a point.

And yes some sleep with their female congregants seeking the fruits of the womb and tender all sorts of empty, bland and mind-blogging excuses.

Some give all sorts of poisons (detergents, dish-washing liquid ….) to their members to drink ….

“At vigil tonight all of you will undress and pray in your underwear”.

“Bring your pants and bras to church you’ll pray on it.”

“Anyone that’s not a Christian isn’t your friend but enemy!’

“Your insecticides can become Cologne if you have faith ….”

“Only those who don’t have faith boil their drinking water or buy bottled-water.”

“Mosquitoes only infect people who don’t believe in God and should you get it anyhow, prayer is your hospital and doctor!”

All sorts of dramas are common in these churches.

Now go to their homes and you’ll marvel. Everywhere spic and span. They drink exotic water. Fumigate their homes regularly and any JJC mosquito that strays into their homes will renounce their citizenship dramatically. 6 feet beneath.

Biblical Nichodemus’ jaw will drop here if he sees how congregants are manipulated. And this is because they selfishly tax their congregants and milk them dry while they keep smiling to the bank and globetrotting.The stream feeding the sea.

If not because of my manner of approach to some issues here many people would have turned things I say here to doctrines, lifestyle. Believe me people are seeking spiritual drugs to relieve their fears and stress.

When donkeys begin to ferry monkeys from Ifesowapo Village through Olorunsogo to Olorunsola Village and still pay monkeys for the privilege then colonial slavery in 21st century is playing out in these environments and needs to be checked.

These pastors are fraudsters hiding in churches and yes some of them have negative spiritual powers!

Corrupt political leaders contribute to insecurity, poverty … and in seeking succour many run to churches and fall into the trap of religious leaders. From frying pan to fire, right?

In seeking advanced lifestyle,  freedom of expression of your taste in faith be wary of fiefdom!



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