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As Expensive and Valuable as Food at Ramadan.

Food is fuel, it nourishes our system.

Many of us may not know that food is an expensive resource, in fact as expensive as gold, until ‘we have food but cannot eat’ thanks to Ramadan-fast or Lenten-fast as the case may be.

But this is what many people experience on a daily basis. Yes many people the world over don’t know when or where their next meal is coming from and when you find yourself in their shoes you would be able to empathize IF you’ve got to be in someone’s shoes first and foremost to feel how they feel.

When something is readily available we hardly cherish same but when it bears us malice we dramatically see its worth. Danladi ideally eats any time he feels like but hello he’s been denied and deprived and so he sees the worth of food and values it much more.

He had taken it for granted, and so far he had checked the time seven times, and time that used to Cheetah had turned to heavily-pregnant snail, no thanks to thirst and hunger pangs.

How many of you had seen someone today eating, perhaps taking garri and you feel such was enjoying a 7-star life? I guess many!

In rounding off, how many of us can recollect this elementary school song, “Some have food but cannot eat; some can eat but have no food, we have food and we can eat, glory be to God amen!”

It’s a life of contexts, and the meaning we all attach to ‘Some have food but cannot eat’ has changed with Ramadan.

To all Muslims and non-Muslims alike remember the less-privileged in your society this Holy Month of Ramadan and beyond!

Photo credit: information.ng.com


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