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The Dangers of Ending Intimate Relationships Abruptly

Love is the soft side of life but if it goes bad the bile could make life very hard.

The rate at which people now commit suicide is quite alarming and the statistics of suicide attempts is also grave and worrisome, to this end if you’re no longer in love with someone don’t break the news like you break eggs to make omelette. Humans have different coping threshold.

You could break the person’s heart and then despair and depression may set in which could trigger actual suicide or suicide attempt.

Heartbreak has two versions – the literal heartbreak where the victim recovers overtime and the heartbreak which triggers suicide. People and contexts differ and you know your partner quite well so if you feel the person might break down and go down then send time to deliver the message.

And note this, this issue affects not just women so be wary even if you’re a woman about to breakup with your man.

Before breaking up with someone I’m sure you’ve got cogent reason(s) now if you feel the issue can’t be resolved amicably then allow time and space to speak for you. In that the person will figure it out overtime and the fact that it took a process (which is time, and incidentally time ventilates, heals) the effect of the heartbreak will not be dramatic and overwhelming.

Reality will slowly but surely sink in, and the person will not be helpless, hopeless … in fact such might have spoken to friends and family about the issue and trust me many of them would have helped her in coping, some might even refer such to a specialist – psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor.

Being good keeps you safe many times and breaking someone’s heart spontaneously so that such might feel as well as share in the pains (s)he had caused you may affect you because it could lead to homicide, or suicide-cum-homicide or plain suicide. Let me expatiate – the person may kill you or himself/herself or both of you. Note: honest and down-to-earth people may feel the need to see the person one-on-one and express their feelings so as not to delay the person from moving aheadĀ  in love and life but this could be grave as earlier highlighted.

Don’t also forget that in this case another suicide may follow in the family of the deceased and in some cases it could trigger indirect death of the significant other of your ex-love via stress which could lead to hypertension, heart-attack ….

So pause and ponder before you go ahead and tell your partner that you’re no more interested.

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