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The Vision and Mission Stocked in Ramadan Fast.

Families are the indispensable units that make up the society.

The 30-Day journey of Ramadan has just begun. Now success is a combination of vision and mission but vision is the beginning, the blueprint and template on which the mission is anchored; while passion is the fuel that energizes the mission and push it to its destination (fruition).

The vision is to fast for 30 days.

The mission: many men had made financial provision for their families and women go to the market to source food stuff, groceries, beverages … they prepare the early-morning meals for their various families the previous night and warm in the morning while many also wake early in the morning to cook depending on families.

The whole family will eat, which is preparing, piling up fuel for the journey ahead.

They observe prayers consistently.

Read the Holy Quran regularly.

Renounce unwholesome as well as wholesome or appropriate habits which could be inappropriate, unethical and sinful if exercised while the fast is ongoing.

They stay pious while observing Ramadan fast.

And they remain steadfast to the very end.

The fast will be seamless for many, especially those who fast regardless of whether it’s Ramadan or not, some will struggle at the outset and later adapt, and finally the class of people who drink and so on will struggle big time to adjust and adapt, and the temptations to quit may arise many times until adaptation sets in.

Ramadan may be challenging because fasting isn’t Child’s play but the blessings supersede, outshine the struggles.

Ramadan Kareem.

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